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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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new developments tonight out of santa clara county where authorities have filed additional charges against the man who they say kidnapped and murdered missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. he has been charged with trying to kidnap three other women during three separate carjackings. the attacks happened in 2009 at two different safeway stores in the south bay. garcia torres had previously worked at a safeway. police say he used a stun gun on one of the women. although hes 17 at the time of
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those attacks. santa clara county officials will charge him as an adult. sierra lamar was last seen on march 16th at her home. she went missing from a bus stop as she was heading to school. her body has not been found despite months of searching. the dna of garcia torres was discovered on lamar's clothes. they were found discarded not far from the bus stop. residents in one daily city neighborhood trying to clean up tonight after a water main break triggers a massive mud slide. an 8-inch cast iron pipe ruptured sending 45,000-gallons of water down hill. streets were left covered in a layer of mud several inches thick. these pictures from abc 7 news show just how large an area was
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affected. you can see a wider shot here. nobody was hurt, but some cars were buried in mud up to their windows. first tonight let's check in with reggie. >> reporter: finishing clearing the streets here six hours ago. take a look at the work they did. the streets i'm standing on now. all this mud basically gone. you can see there's just a little bit here left. take a look at this video of how it looked earlier today. mud several inches thick covered the street and trapped vehicles. all the debris has been wiped and washed away. city officials are focusing on preventing this from happening again. i'm told heavy equipment will --
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the hardest quantities on the slopes. you know, looked like we'll have to do a lot of digging for quite a while. >> reporter: when the digging was done vehicles not able to move on their own were simply
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towed away. in daly city. >> there is more rain on the way that could cause more problems for that neighborhood. jacqueline has more on the forecast. >> the rain will be on the way later this week. we'll be seeing mostly clear conditions as we head into tomorrow increasing clouds for thursday. cloud cover has been streaming into the north bay. that's where it's going to stay as we head into tomorrow. temperatures right now all in the 40s blue much of the bay area. 44 in fairfield. 46 in napa. it will be chilly for the overnight hours. mostly clear. clear also tomorrow. warmer than what we saw today. changes come thursday. first with cooler weather. i'll have more coming up. >> strange and developing story. silicon valley pioneer john mcafee is a murder suspect who
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is on the loose tonight. mask has been on the run since his beach front home it was raided on sunday afternoon. early this morning the fugitive millionaire spoke by phone with wired magazine. >> i am holed in a place. the mattress here has lice. >> mcafee is wanted for questioning in the murder of a fellow expatriot. he says he is not guilty and may have been the intended victim. >> the first thing i thought about was oh my god he's a white man, i'm a white man. the government has finally decided to off me. >> mcafee says he fears being tortured into making a false confession if he is captured. a spokesman for the police dismissed that as evidence of his paranoia. >> we are law-abiding people
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here. we follow the laws to the letter. we believe that at this point he has absolutely no fear of being killed by anybody. >> mcafee told the reporter he believes the government of belize wants to kill him because he has criticized the prime minister of that country for suspending certain civil rights. that sex scandal that brought down david petraeus continues to grow and it continues to get more bizarre. now another high level military commander is under investigation. emily smith has the new twists in this case. >> reporter: in simple terms this is a story about a top general david petraeus, his successor john allen and two women. the fbi, cia, pentagon, the white house and congress. >> i am puzzled by what has occurred in the fbi
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investigation. >> reporter: the form e director admitted to an affair with broadwell which came to light when the fbi investigated what were described as jealous e-mails that broadwell sent to kelley. now allen is under investigation for sending e- mails to kelley. authorities are scouring 20 to 30,000 pages of document. >> it makes you wonder how he would have the time to do it and motivation to do that from afar. >> reporter: the news about allen which president obama learned about the same day petraeus resigned has put allen's nomination to be nato's stream commander on hold. he remains on duty in afghanistan. >> the president has great confidence in the military. great confidence in his commanders and will continue to have that confidence. >> reporter: defense officials tell cnn there's a distinct possibility this is connected
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to the petraeus fbi investigation. fbi agents removed property from broadwell's home on monday. >> she's cooperating. the question are these classified documents. >> reporter: the answer may show if national security was threatened. >> coming up, can't wait to carve up the slopes? you won't have to wait much longer. which resorts plan to open this week. >> coming up later we have local hoops. manager of the year in the bay area. and also a quick sound byte from the hottest college football coach in the bay area. later in this broadcast. ;x
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a plane crashes into a mississippi home causing it to burst into flames. look at this inferno. it's not yet known what caused that small plane to crash. authorities say it must have been having some problems. you can see emergency crews on the ground there. smoke rising from site of
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the crash. three people on board were killed. new tonight at 11:00, the governing boards of california state university and the university of california have heeded pleas from governor jerry brown to postpone proposed tuition increases. they were intended to improve graduation rates and free up classroom seats by charging a quote super senior fee. governor brown says costs must be controlled and not passed along to the students. it will be warmer out there tomorrow. we have changes coming for the latter half of the week. rain back in the forecast for the weekend. i'll have details coming up. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least.
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tonight a grocery store chain employee strike has ended. back on november 4th union workers walked off the job after a 15-month contract dispute. those employees will soon be back opt job. >> reporter: i'm told employees could start returning as early as tomorrow. they're going to check their schedules and find out what
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days they're working. rolling out carts and packing up groceries. it's back to business for shoppers and employees here at this nob hill foods. >> everything is back to normal. >> reporter: we first told you back on november 4th when an estimated 7000 grocery store workers went on strike. this after 15 months of failed contract negotiations mostly centered around healthcare. a spokesperson says the two sides returned to the bargaining table saturday night. they worked for three straight days before reaching the tentative agreement. >> i am glad it's over. >> reporter: i did speak to a spokesperson on the phone tonight for the store here. he says he wouldn't get into the details of the agreement. he does say healthcare which was one of their biggest concerns. healthcare will be addressed and will be taken care of.
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reporting in ayla my da. >> four more lake tahoe area ski resorts are set to open early. this is a live look from kirkwood ski resort tonight. it will open on friday. if you have to hit the slopes sooner. evenly and north star resorts open tomorrow. >> we'll be getting more snow this weekend. a series of storm systems move into the bay area and the tahoe region. into tomorrow we'll see what we saw today. mild temperatures. going to be warmer tomorrow in the low 70s. as we head into thursday. cooler conditions. satellite and acar picture at this hour. it's going to stay mostly clear through the overnight hours. most of this has been missing us to the north.
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looks like that's going to be the case as we head into tomorrow. conditions will be chilly. mainly in the 40s. 40 in fairfield. 46 in oakland. 44 in san jose. temperatures warming up nicely. valleys in the 70s in a number of locations. 60s and 70s. along the coastline temperatures in the 60s. a mix of 60s and 70s through the north bay. tomorrow nice and warm. as we head into thursday our sea breeze winds will pick back up. that will mean cooler conditions. more cloud cover. rain moves in on friday. lingers into saturday. another system moves in sunday that could bring us heavy rain. we could see the same thing on monday. series of systems set to move through. we'll keep you posted on the rain as it gets closer.
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>> residents along the east coast continue to face a monumental cleanup in the wake of hurricane sandy. weeks later many of those residents still do not have power. this is a scene of just some of the devastation. this is three weeks after the storm hit. people who live in bell harbor are sifting through what's left of their homes. that neighborhood was virtually wiped out. new york governor andrew cuomo says many people on long island have not yet had power restored because their homes are too unsafe. former republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan says he was shocked about not winning the election. president obama won virtually every critical battleground state including ohio. ryan says that is the moment they realized things were going south. >> when the numbers came in going the other direction we
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saw the kind of turnout that was occurring in urban areas which were fairly unprecedented. it did come as a bit of a shock. >> ryan may have come up short on the vice presidential bid but he will continue to hold his seat in congress. >> a big honor for oakland a's manager. gary has that story ahead. plus a heavy weight battle in college basketball as duke battles kentucky. all the sports coming up. #úfó
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big day offseason wise for the oakland a's. manager of the year award went to bob melvin. 20 game improvement over last season. 94-68. they took detroit tigers to five games in the divisional series. melvin a two-time winner. 2007 he was a winner with the arizona diamondbacks. so a great day for the a's. melvin manager of the year. it was close. baltimore's buck showalter four fewer first place votes than bob melvin. davey johnson of washington the eg winner. they had the best record in
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baseball. 98-64. the graphics. you'll see bouchee along with dusty baker way behind davey johnson. third in the manager of the year battling. local collegiate hoops. cal going up and down. allen crab had 33 points and 6 rebounds. and in the back court he was joined by justin cobb. they combine for 56 points. 23 of his own. 79-62 cal. elsewhere locally. san jose state loses by 2 to houston. big national game. i still hate lateener. that was 1993 if i'm not mistaken when he hit the
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miracle shot to beat kentucky. archie good wynn doing his thing there. all freshmen for kentucky. seth curry, look at the move. seth had 23 points. latest on warrior andrew bogut. he'll miss two weeks with his recovering ankle. big doings in new york. you hear this all the time when new york teams are playing well it's better for the entire league. carmelo anthony, you know his wife was just on the b.e.t. awards, lala. i get a kick out of lala. carmelo had 25 points. they immove to 5-0. the knicks last time they started with that strong a record 5-0 was 1993-1994.
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they are winner tonight. just for the young, cool people in our audience watching kron tonight. they had a -- have you seen the show called lala's experience. i don't think it came back for a second season. everybody talks about kim kardashian. when lala leaves the room, she should hang with kardashian when she walks out of the room. but lala is married to carmelo. she goes honey i'm going shopping and he'd be on the road in detroit. trying to rest. i got a game tonight. then she'd go out and make a big deal over what to buy. why do you ridicule that? >> i'm not ridiculing that. just an observation. >> especially when you tell the kids daddy is busy now.
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my wife still thinks somebody's looking at me. nobody cares any more. i get a kick out of lala. i know a lot of people in the kron audience do. >> have a good night everyone. see you tomorrow.
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